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Trekking at Yala and Dangling in West Sichuan
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Traditional life in Chengdu
5 days trekking at Mountain Yala and Dangling Nature Reserve
Great view of Yala Mountain
Tibetan Buddhism monastery Tagong Si and Gyergo Nunnery in Tagong
Danba - one of the most beautiful village in China
Khampa and Gyarong Tibetan in Western Sichuan
Panda in Wolong Nature Reserve
Ancient Irrigation System Dujiangyan

Day01 Arrive in Chengdu
Arrive in Chengdu, pick up and transfer to Broad and Narrow Lane (Kuan and Zhai Lane). It is the relic of the Manchurian garrison since 1718 and consist of 3 parallel lanes with the old classical houses, which is unique in southern China just like the northern Chinese architectural style presented by Hutong. After a careful renovation in June 2008, the pubs, teahouses, restaurants and guesthouses concentrate here, and in no time at all, it becomes the "lobby of leisure capital Chengdu". A walk here gives you a first impression of the "city of loafers". Visit Chengdu People’s Park. This park is an important entertainment place for Chengdu citizen. Every day, especially the holidays, there are many local people in it, especially the seniors. They are dancing and singing here for entertainment. Besides, there are tea house. Local people always drink a cup of tea and play Mahjong here with their families, friends, even their business partners here. Except these, there is a very special corner for local people. Many parents take their unmarried children’s information here to find potential candidates. Overnight at 4*Xinliang Hotel

Day02 Chengdu – Yaan – Luding – Kangding B
Transfer from Chengdu to Kangding, passing Yaan and visiting Luding Chain Bridge on the way. Luding Chain Bridge (Iron Chain Bridge) on the Dadu River is a treasure of Chinese ancient architecture. The bridge was built in the 44th years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1705) in order to enhance the connection of Tibetan culture. On May 29th, 1935, the Chinese Red Army reached Luding Bridge during the Long March. Facing a hail of bullets, the Chinese Red Army, with 22 warriors as the pioneers of the commando, destroyed the bridge’s guards in one fell swoop, which is an important historical monument of the Communist Party of China.229 km,4 hours and 25 minutes.Overnight at 4*Love Song Hotel (2560 m)
Day03 Kangding – Xingduqiao – Tagong – Zhonggu Village B
Drive to Tagong (113 km). Climb over Zheduo Mountain firstly, a branch of Daxue Mountain and an important geographical boundary. The highest peak of the mountain is 4962 meters above sea level and the mouth of the mountain is 4298 meters above sea level. It is the first mountain pass on the Sichuan-Tibet line that we need climb over, so it is known as the "Khampa first pass". Visit Xingduqiao on the way. Xingduqiao is the “Paradise of Photographers”, a small town on the road juncture where the northern route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Chengdu - Lhasa) and the southern route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Chengdu - Lhasa) meet. When the weather is good, you can see the main peak of Gongga Mountain (7556 m, Minya Konka, “the King Peak of Sichuan”) from Xinduqiao. Arriving at Tagong, visit the Lhagang Monastery (Tagong Si) of Sayka Sect, which is surrounded by three hills symbolizing three Budhisattvas. It is said that the blessing of a reserved Jowo Shakyamuni image left by Wencheng Princess in this monastery to the pilgrims resembles the Lhasa Jowo Shakyamuni image in Lhasa. Then visit the impressive Gyergo Nunnery and the grand mani wall of Hepingfahui. If the weather is well, you can see the mountain Zhara Lhatse (5.820 m, also call Jara or Yala). Drive to Zhonggu Village (77 km), have a bath in a natural hot spring in the evening. Be sure to keep warm and avoid colds when have a bath in the hot spring.190 km,5 hours and 28 minutes.Overnight at simple guesthouse (3050 m)

Day04 Trekking Zhonggu Village – Yala Valley – Xindianzi BLD
Trekking takes 6 hours today and the altitude is rising slowly, so tourist will feel very easy about today’s trek. Starting from the hotel at 9:00 in the morning, tourist trek into the mountain and go up along the Yala Valley. With bushes and sporadic meadows, Yala Valley gives you a special feeling about the nature. Arrive at Xindianzi Camp at around 3:00pm. The Xindianzi Camp is a very wide meadow with rivers and forests, and you can see cattle everywhere.Trekking 13 km, 6 hours.Camping at Xindianzi (3500 m)

Day05 Trekking Xindianzi – Yala Pass – Sister Lake (Zimei Hu) – Yala Youcuo Lake BLD
Get up at 7:00 am and pack out the equipment to prepare to trek over the Yala Pass. With very beautiful landscape, Yala Pass boasts around 4200 meters above sea level. When you look back after trekking over the Yala Pass, you will find the excellent landscape, the winding Yala Valley and the snowy mountain in the distance. Two close Haizi - Sister Lakes will be found when you trek over the Tala Pass. Continuing to trek about one hour, you will come to the next camp, another Haizi – Yala Youcuo Lake (2980 m) at the foot of the main peak. The mountaineering base camp of Yala Mountain is located at the side of Shenhu Lake. Looking up at the pass, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the majestic Yala Mountain that is covered snow all year round, the Shenhu Lake at its foot that is surrounded by forest and the reflection of Yala Mountain on the lake.Trekking 16 km, 7 hours. Camping at Yala Youcuo (3500 m)

Day06 Trekking Yala Youcuo – Zhongbanchang – Taizhangoukou; by bus Taizhangoukou – Zhonglu Village of Danba BLD
After breakfast, go down the Ganlongke Valley and walk through a path between the dense forests. Come to Zhongbanchang at around 3:00pm or 4:00pm and look back Yala Valley and Yala Snow Mountain. Take a local taxi (van or bus) at Taizhangoukou to Danba Zhonglu Tibetan Village and enjoy “natural bonsai” and Yak Valley scenery on the way. With an altitude of 2,100 meters and a total of more than 3,600 people, Danba Zhonglu Tibetan Village is located in the northeast of Danba County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The white houses and the temples of the Golden Dome are faintly visible under the blue sky, and its color is colorful but not chaos. There are historic ancient blockhouses, grand coming-of-age ceremony, various Guozhaung Dance, solemn ancient Tibetan Opera, gorgeous Jiarong Tibetan Costume, etc.Trekking 16 km, 7 hours,drive 60 km, 1 hour and 43 minutes. Overnight at Shengdi Yingxiang Hostel (2100 m)

Day07 Danba Zhonglu Tibetan Village – Dangling Village BL
Walk at Zhonglu Village in the morning or have a rest. In the afternoon, take a local taxi (van or bus) to Dangling Village. Dangling Village boasts beautiful scenery, the majestic snow peaks, the dotted mountain lakes, the natural open-air hot springs, the lush and thick forests, the slow flowing stream, the rare and precious flora and fauna, which create a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, hiking, scientific research and hiking adventure. The lunch can be arranged at local residents’ house. Tourists can cook and eat together with local residents.67 km, 2 hours. Overnight at a simple hostel (3400 m)
Day08 Trekking Dangling Village – Feijiping – Hulu Lake – Zhuoyongcuo – Hulu Lake Camp BLD
In the morning, trek into the most charm spot, Dangling. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. Go up along the valley and go through ancient forests to Hulu Lake. Hulu Lake is cucurbit shape and is formed two large and small lakes. Stronger can continue to trek up and watch the Hulu Lake panoramic. Arrive at the charm Zhuoyongcuo to observe the glaciers in Xiaqiangla. Come back Hulu Lake Camp in the evening. Trekking from Hulu Lake to Zhuoyongcuo to Hulu Lake will takes tourists 2 hours. Trekking 15 km, 5 hours. Camping by Hulu Lake (4110 m)

Day09 Trekking Hulu Lake – Dangling Hot Spring – Dangling Village, by bus Dangling Village – Danba county – Siguniangshan Town.B
Today is very light. Enjoy the sunrise in the morning and continue to walk around Hulu Lake. And then decamp and go downhill to Dangling Hot Spring. Finish the wonderful trek tour when you trek back Dangling Village. After packaging the luggage, you can drive back to Danba County and continue to Four Girls Mountain Town. If the weather is well, you can watch the panoramic of Four Girls Mountain, and enjoy the sunset and the beautiful scenery on the mountain.Trekking 3 hours, drive 164 km, 4 hours and 15 minutes. Overnight at Yunshang Hotel (3160 m)

Day10 Siguniangshan Town – Wolong – Dujiangyan – Chengdu B
If you have interest or if the weather is well, you can get up early to Maobiliang for enjoying the great panoramic view of Mt. Siguniang that immerses in the sunrise. After breakfast, you can drive back to Chengdu. Visit Wolong National Nature Reserve on the way. With 52 km long from east to west and 62 km wide from south to north, a total area of Wolong National Nature Reserve is 200,000 hectares. It is one of the China earliest natural reserves and it is rated the preservation zones network of humankinds and living beings by the Organization of Education, Science and Culture of United Nations (UNESCO). The virgin forest, second bush forest and bamboo groves are very lush. There are over 4,000 kinds of high-level plants, 24 kinds of them are valuable plants, such as Gongtong (Chinese dove tree), red China fir, Lianxiang and so on. There are more than 450 kinds of vertebras, 45 kinds of them are rated national focal preserved animals, such as giant panda, golden monkeys, antelopes, white-mouth deer etc. The natural beautiful scene is quiet and secluded. Visit the Shenshuping Panda Base in Wolong and there are about 50 pandas. Wolong National Nature Reserve is the largest breeding center for giant pandas, integrating scientific research, feeding, breeding, reproduction, wildness training, etc. Drive to Dujiangyan to visit the Irrigation System. It was built around 250 BC by Li Bin, a governor of Shu Prefecture in Qin State. The great project still works well today after more than two thousand year’s function, which not only puts an end of the water disaster to the local people but also makes Chengdu Plain “the land of abundance”. While visiting the water conservation work, you may find that the methods of harnessing the river the ancient people used are so simple but useful. In 2000, Dujiangyan became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, drive back to Chengdu.222 km, 3 hours and 58 minutes. Overnight at 4*Xingliang Hotel

Day11 Chengdu B
Transfer to airport or railway station, leave Chengdu.

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