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Thangka Festival at Amchok Monastery in Luqu in Eastern Tibet Amdo in 2016
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Experience the important Tibetan festival in Amdo: Thangka Festival at Amchok Monastery in 2016
Crossing through the Ruoergai Steepe in western Sichuan, a paradise for flocks and herds
Looking for the traces of Black-Necked Crane at the hometown – Re'er Steppe
Flower sea in Langmu Si July – August
The Tiebu Nature Reserve for Sika Deer
The Stone City and Taban House in Zhagana
Many rare birds staying at the Gahai Lake: black-necked crane, grey cranes, swans ect.
One of the six grand Gelukpa sect monastery, also “the Tibetology Institute” – Labrang Monastery
The First Bend of the Yellow River in Thangke
Crossing the Granssland of the Long March of the Red Army; visit Hongyuan Steppe and the Moon Bay
Taoping village of Qiang-Minority

Day01 07.07.2016 Thu Chengdu - Wenchuan - Maoxian - Songpan - Ruoergai (3854m)
Drive to Ruoergai via Wenchuan, Maoxian and Songpan. The famous war-horses were bred in Ruoergai by Chinese army. 478km, approx 7 h. Overnight at 3*Xibu Muchang (Western Grassland) Hotel
Day02 08.07.2016 Fri Ruoergai - Langmu Si (3600m)
Arrive in Langmusi at the border of provinces Sichuan and Gansu, visit the Taktsang Lhamo Monastery (Langmusi Si) and Huahu (Flower Lake). We can see more than 10 kinds of rare animals, such as black-necked crane, tadorna ferrugine,fishes and so on. 86km, 1h30m. Overnight at 2*Langmusi Hotel

Day03 09.07.2016 Sat Langmu Si - Tiebu - Zhagana (3000m) - Langmu Si
In the morning, drive to the Sika Deer Nature Reserve at Tiebu, we can see the wild sika deer. Then drive to Zhagana to visit Stone City and Tabanfang House. In the afternoon, drive back to Langmu Si. 218km, 5h. Overnight at 2*Langmusi Hotel

Day04 10.07.2016 Sun Langmu Si - Gahai (3480m) - Luqu (3500m)
In the morning, watch the big sunning-Buddha ceremony at the hillside by the monastery in the morning with crowds of Tibetan locals. We will watch the mask dance in Langmu Si Monastery. All participants as pilgrims, farmers, nomads and tourists at the ceremony will be blessed by gods. Then drive to Gahai, visit Gahai Zecha Nature Reserve. Every year, there are more than 30 thousand birds coming there to breed, such as black-necked arane, black stork, whooper swan, barhead goose and so on. In the afternoon, drive to Luqu. 95km, 1h30m. Overnight at Gahai Wetland Training Center Hotel

Day05 11.07.2016 Mon Luqu - Amchok Monastery (Amuquhu Si) - Xiahe (2900m)
In the early morning, drive to Amuquhu, enjoy the Thangka Festival. Display big Thangka which is an amazing ceremony for such a small rural community. In the afternoon, drive to Xiahe, visit the Sanke Grassland and Larang Monastery (Taktsang Lhamo), the most important religious centre on the northeast border of the Tibet region. The monastery created in 1710, as one of the six grand monasteries in Tibet area, has served for centuries there to connect the Tibetan and Mongolian. 103km, 2h44m. Overnight at 3*Labrang Minhang Hotel

Day 06 12.07.2016 Tue Xiahe - Amuquhu Monastery - Luqu (3500m)
In the morning, drive to Amuquhu Monastery for mask dance performed by monks 
from the monastery. Hundred of local nomads will attain the ceremony in their best
traditional dress and jewelry. Then drive to Luqu. 103km, 2h44m. Overnight at Gahai Wetland Training Center Hotel

Day07 13.07.2016 Wed Luqu - Tangke - Hongyuan (3504m)
Drive to Hongyuan via village Tangke, here you will see “S” form of Yellow River, the “First Bend of Yellow River”. Visit Sauk Tibetan Temple. Climbing to a hill onto the viewing platform behind the Sogtsang Monastery, you can have an overlook of the First Bend of Yellow River. You can see the second longest river of China unhurriedly come and then wind away with the water collected from White River. Drive to the grassland of Hongyuan, meet the Tibetan nomads, on the way visit of the Waqie Pagoda Forest. 301km, 5h. Overnight at 3*318 Hotel

Day08 14.07.2016 Thu Hongyuan - Lixian - Taoping - Chengdu
Today drive back to Chengdu via Lixian and Taoping. On the way enjoy the landscape of Hongyuan Steppe and visit the Moon Bund. Then visit Taoping, a Qiang People’s stocked village. The ancient Taoping village has a great appeal for the numerous experts and tourists with its old and wonderful fortress buildings. 426km, 7h. Service ended.

This journey is of adventure and only succeeds with your understanding, patience and flexibility for the possible delays and program changes and imponderables situations. It requires the participators to possess of community and cooperative spirits, and be ready to face the simple conditions. Despite careful planning, the program might be changed sometimes at short notice, which may result in possible program modifications and loss of sightseeing. It is of course the goal of you and our agency to accomplish all points of program. Besides we point out expressly that you are responsible on your own for the possible danger in the journey.
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Thangka Festival at Amchok Monastery in Luqu in Eastern Tibet Amdo in 2016
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