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Qowowuyag Mountain
- The chief of all the respected teachers, the sixth highest peak of the world in Tibet

Qowowuyag Feng Mountain

The other name for Qowowuyag Feng is “Chu Oyu”. Measuring 8210 me-ters in height, it is listed as the sixth highest peak in the world. Divided by the Northeast Ridge and the Southwest Ridge, it straddles the Sino-Nepal border at 86.6 0E and 28 0N, the north side belonging to Tingri County in the Tibet Au-tonomous Region of China and the South side to the Kingdom of Nepal.

In Tibetan language, “Qowomuyag” refers to “the chief of all the respected teachers”. Towering in the middle section of the Himalayas, it appears tall and majestic. As the crow flies in its east, 100 kilometers away from it is Qomolangma Feng, the summit of the world. Around it stand groups of snowy peaks and rows of mountain tanges, clustering together. To the west side is Balong Feng of 7013 meters above sea level, to the due north Siguang Feng of 7308 meters, to the due east Gezhongkang of 7975 meters and a snowy peak of 7882 meters, and to the southwest the 7175-meter Monlongze Feng and the 7134-meter Chirenma Feng.

Covered all the year round by accumalated snow and numerous glaciers, Qowowuyag Feng consists mainly of five mountain ridges - the Northwest Ridge, the Northeast Ridge, the Southeast Ridge, the Southwest Ridge and the West Ridge, with the Jabula Glacier of over 10 kilometers long on the north side, the 14- kilometer-long Lanba Glacier on the south side and Gecongba Glacier exceeding 20 kilometers in length. The major types of glaciers are valley glaciers and then Cirque glaciers and so on.

The climate in Qowowuyag Feng is rather similar to that of Qomolangma Feng. The windy season beings from October every year and lasts to March of the next year, the general wind velocity being 50 miles per second with the usual temperature of about -30℃--40℃. From June to September is the rainy season. Mountaineering activities are most available in the period from the end of April to that of May of from Setember to October as the windy season is making way for the rainy season or the rainy season for the windy season, during which time there are two to five nice days on end three or four times.

The route line to the mountain. First, from Lhasa, go down the South Tibetan Highway to Xigaze and then to Gyanze, and you will reach Tingri Coun-ty after a 718-kilometer travel to the south. Then go southward for more than 40 kilometers along the simply-built highway, and you may arrive at the foot of Qowowuyag Feng and reach the mountaineering base camp site at one end of the Jabula Glacier. At an altitude of 4959 meters, it is open, well-sheltered from wind and full of sufficient water resources.

In 1954, an Austrian Team of four persons, H •Tichy, S•Joher, Pasang•Dawa and Lama got to the summit for the first time in human history along the west slope on October 19.
In 1985, China’s Tibetan Mountaineering Team succeeded in surmounting the summit from the same slope.

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