Relics of Ancient Humans of Tibet - in Karub and Qugong
Human inhabit and reproduction always take place in a better environment with good natural resources. Normally, people think that human don’t need to go to this place, like the Tibet, a alpine region. But Wuxu has been here long before. In fact, according to archaeological findings, our ancestor have lived here 50 thousands tears ago. From July to August 1966, the Mount Everest Comprehensive Scientific Expedition Team found a piece of core, scraper and even more than 20 microliths that were made of vermiculite, chalcedony, crystal on the river terrace at 4,300 meters above sea level, the east side of the China-Nepal Highway and Boqu River, the south side of Yali Village, Nyalam County, Himalayas. And then they found three chipped tools at about 1 kilometer in the southeast of the sheep pen (the ninth class) on the China-Nepal highway, on the terrace of the left side of the Langlongqu river (4900 meters above sea level). Due to insufficient materials to certify that time, so people regarded it as the object of beginning of a new era, which shows that human lived in Tibet 10 thousands years ago. 
Relic in Karub
This cultural relic is named Karub because it was found in the village of Karub, 12 km away from Chamdo. It is a well-preserved relic from the Neolithic Period, about 4700 years ago in...
Relic in Qugong
The cultural relic in Qugong is located in the northern suburb of Lhasa, 5 km away from the city center. The Sera Monastery is located in the east of it, but not far away. It is the first...


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