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Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo
The Third Largest Canyon in the World

As one of the main reaches of Yarlung Tsangpo River, Parlung Tsangpo River has two resources, in east it originates from Azha Gongla Glacier in the south of Ranwu Lake, Baxoi County, Chamdo (Changdu) Prefecture, the source is 4900 meters above sea level, in northwest it originates from Jiali County, Naqu Prefecture. Parlung Tsangpo River mainly flows through Boxi County, Nyingchi Area and flows into Yarlung Tsangpo River at the big curve of Yarlung Tsangpo River in Pailong Village, Nyingchi County.

With 266 kilometers long, Parlung Tsangpo River is the main river of Parlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon and also the branches with the largest water among five large branches of Yarlung Tsangpo River. Besides, the drainage basin of the river is one of the three old-grow forests in China, and is the important area of the southeast forest in Tibet, and is also the largest distribution area of monsoon marine glacier in China. As a world-class grand canyon, Parlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is 50 kilometers long counted from the outlet of Yigong Lake.

On the Sichuan-Tibet 318 National Highway, Parlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon boasts two big turns from Tongmai Town to Pailong Village, and the Tianxian Section (a natural barrier section of a highway, i.e. Tongmai Tianxian - Pailong Tianxian) with 27 li (13.5 km) on the south route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway is formed nearby. The scenery along Parlung Tsangpo River and at the Parlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is very beautiful and magical. The cliffs in many parts of the gorge stand across the river and upright and steep as if they were slashed. Enjoy those strange and magical mountains and cliffs in front of you and watch plateau landforms and colorful original vegetation that maybe you have never seen before. There are snowy mountains and glaciers around the Parlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon. If the weather is good, you can always watch snowy peaks in the distance.

There are famous scenic spots in eastern Tibet such as Midui Glacier, Ranwu Lake and Yigong Lake. Midui Glacier is a confluence of two world-class ice waterfalls, each of which is 800 meters high and more than 1,000 meters wide. A primitive forest is also distributed between the two waterfalls and the landscape configuration is very mysterious and wonderful. However, Ranwu Lake is a plateau mountain lake formed by integrated supply of ice, snow melt water and atmospheric precipitation, and it is also the largest freshwater lake in the Tibetan Indian Ocean basin. The lake area is distributed with modern glaciers, old-growth forests, wildlife, fish resources, and Tibetan folk villages, as well as rich Quaternary fossil glaciers.

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Photo Gallery of Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo
Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo River
Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo River
Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo River
Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo River
Grand Canyon of Parlung Tsangpo River
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