Ancient Manors of Nobles in Tibet - Pharla and Nanseling
From ancient times to now, each manor boasts its own culture and system, and the secrets in the manor may have been hidden for centuries. Aristocratic manor in Tibet was very luxury and prosperous, but thousands large or small manors that were left in 50th of the last century disappeared in history. If they still exist, they may become historical relics with great cultural wealth like hundreds of castles on the banks of the Seine in France, Pushkin Manor in wilderness of Russian and Tolstoy Manor. Fortunately, many ancient manors were preserved. Many preserved things in these noble manors show the nobility's rule and oppression of serfs. But these preserved things and those remaining sites also shows the glory of the ancient Tibetan noble manors.
Manor Pharla
The Pharla Manor is well preserved and is located in Bangjor Lhunbo Village on the southern side of Nyang Qu River, just 4 km away from the city Gyantse. The Clan Pharla was a well-known and...
Manor Nangselin
Built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Nangselin Manor is almost completely preserved and is now one of the protected cultural sites of Shannan City. Located in Zanang Town in Zanang County, it...


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